Nexon seeks spotlight at G-Star game show

Nexon seeks spotlight at G-Star game show

This year’s exhibition at the largest game trade show G-Star 2015 to be held in Busan next week will be full of hands-on experiences, according to Korean game developer Nexon on Tuesday.

At a media briefing in Seoul for a preview, Nexon said it would unveil a total of 15 new online and mobile games during the event to be held from Thursday through Sunday in the nation’s second-largest city.
“There will be 300 booths in four sectors with different themes where visitors can have a hands-on experience with 15 new online and mobile games,” said Lee Jeong-hun, vice president of the game company, at the press meeting.

At last year’s G-Star, the company put more focus on providing indirect, or rather passive, game experience by showing game-play videos on screens rather than letting users play new games in person.

The Nexon vice president said this year’s exhibition, which will encourage more participation, will “make visitors feel like they are on a playground.”

Nexon will also dedicate a space to display creations — including action figures and drawings — by gamers inspired by Nexon games.

Some of the firm’s new online and mobile games to be unveiled include the updated version of football game “FIFA Online 3,” massively multiplayer online role-playing game Tree of Savior, racing game “Need for Speed: Edge,” and mobile role-playing game “Heroes of Incredible Tales.”

The Korean game company gained exclusive rights to publish the FIFA Online and Need for Speed — in 2012 and 2015, respectively — from U.S.-based gaming firm Electronic Arts.

The company also announced its plan to introduce animations inspired by Nexon games including “Closers,” “Arpiel,” and “Elsword” and to publish 3-D martial art MMORPG “Moonlight Blade” developed by Chinese Internet firm Tencent.

Teaming up with EA, Nexon will organize a mobile football game competition, dubbed the FIFA Online 3 Asian Cup, during the four-day event.

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