Novelis supplies aluminium solutions to Hyundai’s Ioniq

Novelis supplies aluminium solutions to Hyundai’s Ioniq

Atlanta-based Novelis, a global leader in aluminum rolled products, announced Tuesday it is supplying its high-strength and lightweight aluminum solutions for Hyundai Motor’s Ioniq hybrid.

Ioniq is Korea’s first car developed on an exclusively eco-friendly platform.

According to Novelis, Hyundai’s new Compact hybrid vehicle has adopted Novelis’ lightweight aluminum for the hood and tailgate, providing approximately 40 percent weight savings versus steel for these parts.

The lighter weight reduces the demand on the vehicle’s battery power and fuel, contributing to its class-leading fuel economy of 22.4 km per liter.

“Novelis is proud to be a supplier for the eco-friendly Hyundai Ioniq and promote aluminum as a lightweight material of choice for automotive manufacturers worldwide,” said Shashi Maudgal, president of Novelis Asia.

The company hinted upcoming Ioniq EVs will adopt the same aluminum solutions.

“We are excited to establish a meaningful partnership with Hyundai Motor for next-generation hybrid and electric vehicles with increased fuel and battery efficiency, superior strength and optimal safety performance.”

Novelis, which runs an aluminum rolling mill in Ulsan, Korea, and the first automotive finishing line in Changzhou, China, has expanded its auto solution business in Asia. Its aluminum products are featured in more than 180 vehicle models currently in production including the Ford F-Series, Range Rover and Jaguar XE, as well as a growing number of hybrid and electric vehicles, including the Chevy Volt, BMW i3 and Hyundai Ioniq.


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