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The usual problem with offices is that they sometimes overlook the significance of office supplies that is why employees overuse it without realizing they are overspending on it. Although there are small items such as pens, clips, staples that do not cost much when bought sparingly, they can cost must when bought in volumes. So imagine if you are running a business and employing more than 100 people and each of them uses office supplies every minute of the day that cost a lot of money to your account. So how do you save on office supplies and avoid frequent purchasing? Here are some of the tips:
1) If managing more than 100 office workers, negotiate with contract suppliers so that they may be able to give you special rates and discounts for buying wholesale office supplies.
2) Stock up on office supplies that need constant refilling or restocking and buying two or three months ahead can also save you lots of money with discounts. For smaller companies, a month stock supply is feasible enough.
3) Assign people to manage your supply closet and keep them tracking what supply are most used.
4) If you can recycle printer and fax cartridges, do it because they do cost a lot when bought brand new.
5) Consider purchasing generic brand office supplies as long as it does not compensate the quality of the materials.
6) Browse the internet and look for contractors that offer big discounts and special offers. With wholesale buying you may even get free delivery
7) Lastly, check on items that you really need and do not prioritize that are not really necessary.
For the employer, the best advice so far is doing research and do price comparing. There are lots of discount warehouse club that promotes their products online and offer unbelievable price cuts and offers.

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