Organica enters Coffee Bean, Starbucks, E-mart Traders

Organica enters Coffee Bean, Starbucks, E-mart Traders

Organica’s Just Juice Cleanse, a range of all-natural, cold-pressed vegetable- and fruit-based detox juices, is now available for purchase at Starbucks, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and E-mart Traders, the organic food maker said Thursday.

Developed exclusively by Organica, a Herald Corp. affiliate and a premium natural foods company, Just Juice Cleanse juices are available in different sizes and unique flavors at each of the two coffee chains and the supermarket.

Unlike conventional juices, Organica’s all-natural detox-juices are cold-pressed using high pressure processing, or the HPP method, which helps protect the flavor and nutrients of the raw fruits and vegetables.

Detox diets aim to improve health by flushing out unwanted toxins from the body and pumping in healthy nutrients from fresh vegetables and fruits.

Organica’s Just Cleanse juices debuted at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores nationwide last week. Exclusively developed for the coffee chain, the juices come in 250-mililiter bottles under four varieties.

The “Green Cleanse” (120 calories) is based on greens like sprouts, green grapes, kale and apples, while “Healthy Cleanse” (105 calories) is made with carrots, celery and apple.

“Beet Cleanse” (103 calories) features red-root vegetables, including beets as well as carrots, apples and lemon, while the “Fruit Cleanse” (90 calories) is a citrus-flavored juice made with oranges, pineapple, grapefruit and lemon.

Meanwhile, Starbucks has been offering three varieties of the 270-milileter Just Juice Cleanse products — “Clean Green,” “Lemon Tox” and “Berry Balance” — at 100 major Starbucks outlets nationwide since October last year.

“Clean Green,” based on healthy greens, includes six times as much vitamins as those of tangerines and 18 times as much mineral content as those of spinach, enabling heightened blood circulation and lung health.

“Lemon Tox” is based on lemon, known to aid digestion and cleanse inner digestive organs, and apple, as well as capsaicin and cayenne, nutrients that help the body break down fat.

“Berry Balance” features cranberries and raspberries, which include high levels of antioxidants, as well as fresh apples and apple vinegar.

Alongside the detox juices, the coffee franchise also offers a range of Organica’s Cleanse Salads, available in four varieties, at more than 800 Starbucks locations.

“Quinoa & Chicken” and “Lentil & Sweet Pumpkin” are currently available at all Starbucks branches, and “Quinoa & Mushroom” and “Kale & Avocado” are offered at five premium outlets in Seoul.

Organica’s Just Juice Cleanse juices can also be purchased in bigger sizes and bundles at E-mart Traders, a wholesale supermarket chain.

Diverse Just Juice Cleanse products — “Natural,” “Bliss” and “Glow” — made exclusively for E-mart Traders are available in packages of two 750-militer bottles, as well as three 450-milileter bottles at the premium supermarket chain, according to Organica.


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