Protecting the Environment

The environment around us should be one of the things closest to everyone’s heart as it is the very thing that allows us to live, sustains us and keeps us alive. The environment supports us in every way imaginable; it provides us with the resources to feed and clothe ourselves as well as enabling us to build all the amazing things we construct. At a time when it is clear the environment is suffering and is starting to show the strain of so much abuse and pollution, it should be everyone’s priority to do their bit to ease the damage being caused every minute of every day.

People may say: What can I do? I’m just one person, I can’t do anything to help. But it is this attitude that must be discouraged at every turn. Every single person can make a difference by recycling, turning off lights and other electrical devices when they are not it use as well as opting not to use their cars when they are only planning to travel a short distance. Such small changes from the majority of the population would make a huge impact on the UK’s carbon footprint, which would have a direct and positive effect on the environment.

The rise in the use of green energy is a very positive sign and it has been proven that these technologies do work. They also lessen the need for many of the more damaging energy sources, such as coal and nuclear power. In supporting these energy sources we are giving the planet a chance to recover from the damage done already.

There are many other methods and means by which we, as a people, can help the environment. One of these methods is decreasing the use of pesticides that are harmful to the environment and cause damage to many species of wildlife. In conjunction with this, nature conservation and protection is essential as it allows those species which are hardest hit by humanity to recover and, potentially, survive. Nowhere is this clearer than in the Amazon rainforest, where widespread deforestation is causing irrevocable damage to thousands of species. If we do not do something soon we will start to see the extinction of many different types of animal.

The environment is of utmost importance to every single one of us and everyone should be made aware of how imperative it is that they take the time to do just some of the things mentioned above.

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