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Agrex Spa is a dynamic fast growing company that has developed into an international name in the agricultural machinery market. They have different kinds of machines, for seeding & smoking and also for production of food for animals. They have some excellent grinding systems for producing semolina and flour from wheat, corn and other cereals.

Agrex has been in the market for 50 long years and they have gained a lot of expertise in the field. They understand the client’s requirements well and manufacture products to increase the production capacity of the farms.They continuously try to improve the standard of the products that they manufacture. They continuously make investments in the latest technologies and human capital. This gives them a special edge over the other competitors in the market.This company has a strong future orientation and all their products reflect innovation and next generation thinking.

They offer a wide array of products to the customers like dryers, mobile grain dryers, fixed dryers, fertilizer and sand spreaders, mixing mills, vertical mills, grinders and many kinds of agro industrial equipment. The grinders are extremely versatile and compact and they can be used as a substitute for giant conventional vertical mills. They have production potential varies from 7 to 150 tons in just 24 hours. They can be easily be inserted in a line in order to get different kinds of flour.

Their universal mills is a fantastic product for small and medium sized farms. Their outputs are great, varying between 50 to 50000 kgs. They are available in electric and tractor versions.The sand spreader is a very useful equipment and can be used for spreading sand on the frosted road. This reduces the risk of slipping and in turn prevent dangerous crashes. The sand spreaders manufactured by Agrex are powerful and strong and can go upto a speed of 40 kms/hr. They are made of adjustable stainless steel and last for a long time.

The products manufactured by this company are of top notch quality. The raw materials are procured from the best suppliers. Each of the machines are thoroughly tested for functionality before they are delivered to the customers. The delivery time taken by the company is also very less and the customers do not have to wait for a long time to get their delivery.The company also believes in giving good after sales service. Whatever problems that the clients may face with the machinery are solved immediately.

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