Renault Samsung set to release upcoming SM6 sedan

Renault Samsung set to release upcoming SM6 sedan

TAEAN ― Renault Samsung, following Hyundai and Kia, has looking for another takeoff in the domestic and global car market with the release of its newest sedan.

The carmaker unveiled the SM6 midsize sedan, to be sold globally as the Talisman, Wednesday, to entice customers who have waited to see a new product from the Busan-based carmaker.

“The SM6 signals a new takeoff in the domestic market. We are confident the car will change the landscape of the Korean D-sedan segment,” said Francois Provost, Renault Samsung Motors CEO, during a media event at Hanseo University Flight Education Center in Taean, South Chungcheong Province.

The saloon, jointly developed by staff from Renault headquarters in France and its Korean subsidiary, received major media attention when it debuted in Paris in July.

Competing with the Volkswagen Passat as well as Hyundai’s Sonata and the Kia K5, Renault’s latest sedan boasts “sensual innovation,” with many features being a segment-first.

“Our SM6 is the ultimate result of our ceaseless effort. It is the first vehicle that has been designed by the R&D Center from the upstream stage together with the Renault Techno Center in France,” Provost said.

On top of a stylish and sculptured exterior with segment-first large 19 inch wheels and laser blazed roofline, the vehicle is equipped with a head-up display, and customized sound and lighting ambience choices.

Park Dong-hoon, vice president of Renault Samsung Motors, called the SM6 its “new weapon” to create innovation in the local auto industry. He said the midsize sedan segment has been losing its share to SUVs, because companies didn’t’ reflect the latest technologies in their cars, thus failing to meet customers’ needs.

The local D-segment market has been downsized in the past five years. The market saw 184,000 cars sold in 2015, from over 314,000 in 2010.

“The SM6 is not all about new design. With our new car, we focused on filling the void in technologies as well as customers’ needs,” Park said.

Compared with the Talisman, the SM6 has a different combination of powertrain, chassis and interior to cater to local driving conditions and customer tastes, according to the company.

The carmaker recently started its production at its Busan plant and its official launch is scheduled for March.

The company targets to sell more than 50,000 SM6s each year.

The price for the sedan will be disclosed in February.

Renault says it aims to sell more than 100,000 cars in 2016, up 30 percent from the previous year. To become the third largest player here, it aims to expand its market share to 10 percent this year and produce 300,000 vehicles.


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