Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment refers to all types of equipment which has been specifically designed to safeguard against injury and accidents either in the workplace the home or any other types of safety applications where needed.

There are many different types of devices/equipment available to cover the enormous range of the situations where safety is a vital element in the every day processes of carrying out work related tasks.

Safety equipment can range from simple earplugs to sophisticated safety harnesses; many other types of equipment can include:

o Protective head wear
o Protective eye wear
o Respiratory equipment
o Protective footwear
o Workwear
o Welding protection
o Offshore safety
o Protective ear equipment

Protecting the head is extremely important in many industries such as the building industry or the ware house industry. Head protection is required in these industries to protect against falling objects or where there is restricted headroom. Safety helmets and hard hats are mandatory in some workplaces and the safety helmet is seen as the main piece of safety equipment.

Safety helmets are vital for good head protection, and it is recommended that any helmet showing signs of wear and tear such as scratches or cuts should be immediately replaced. Most hard hats are tested to protect the wearer from a force approximately equivalent to a 16oz hammer falling from a height of 40 feet. Hard hats are generally worn for long periods of time, and therefore it is best to ensure the hat is comfortable and is a good fit.

Damage to the eyes is very prevalent in many industries and it is important to ensure that good quality protective eye wear is worn. Protective eye wear should be worn not only by the operator, but also by any traffic walking around and passing by a hazardous operation.

Noise is regarded as a physical hazard and good ear protection should be worn in the form of earplugs or ear mufflers. Earplugs are simple small plugs which fit directly into the ear, whilst ear mufflers resemble music headphones and are worn over the ears, and are extremely effective at dampening loud noises and high frequency sounds. Damage to the ears from loud noise is not always immediately apparent and repeated exposure to high frequencies and loud noise can damage the hearing mechanisms over time.

Other types of safety equipment can include, safety cones, safety barriers and safety scientific apparatus, to name just a few.

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