Safety Tips for Using Heavy Machinery

Heavy equipments and construction machinery are made to be strong and durable to withstand extreme work pressures. On working sites they are usually hauling or lifting huge amounts of load, rubble and material. Such places are prone to accidents due to negligence of workers and machine operators. An accident can be very dangerous and may prove fatal to both the operator and the workers nearby. In industries, workers are often surrounded by moving vehicles and parts. On construction and mining sites moving machines like cranes, wheel loaders, dozers are usually used. Many accidents are also reported because of overloading the machines. Here are some safety tips for operators of heavy equipment and workers standing or working nearby:

Always wear safety helmets and high visibility clothing during work hours.

Ensure that all the plugs, switches are working perfectly before starting any machine especially if you are working with electrical machines. For construction machines and heavy equipment, the machine should regularly be check for faulty parts.

Always make sure that the machines which are being used have alarms and emergency shut off systems at the ready. Some machines like dozers, excavators, and front end loaders are very big and the operator has a panoramic view or his surroundings. But during work time so much is going on at working time that he might not be able to keep his attention on all sides and an un suspecting worker standing nearby can be in danger. This is why these machines should always have backing up alarms to notify those nearby that the machine is working.

Don’t operate heavy machinery while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Some medications can also cause drowsiness. Working late and extensive shifts without rests can also cause operators and workers to be less alert.

Always ensure that communications between workers is in order. Crew members should be notified if large machines are working and moving about. Operators should also be careful and should notify the workers around them if they are moving the machine to another location.

Several machines have safety instruction for operation printed in the cabin or at operator’s stand. They should carefully read and understood before operation.

Cranes lift huge amounts of load and sometimes move the loads from one place to another. If these loads are in air, an alarm should always sound to notify the workers in the factory or working site.

Some construction site and road building projects are in difficult terrain like mountainous regions and uneven terrain. These terrains are dangerous for machines and vehicles. Notification signs about the terrain should always be put up for machine operators to see to avoid accidents and loss of precious lives and property. It is always helpful to tell the operators prior starting the shift so that they can be aware of the area.

Always keep infirmary and first aid kits in the site in case of emergency.

These tips can avoid serious accidents and sometimes save precious lives and thousands of dollars worth of precious equipment. For more information on safe usage of heavy equipment, visit where you can trade used heavy equipment, used construction machinery and used commercial trucks.

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