Samsung mobile business to offer high bonus for employees

Samsung mobile business to offer high bonus for employees

The members of Samsung Electronics’ mobile business and chip business units will likely enjoy a bonus party this week as they will receive the highest amount of incentives for 2015 at the firm, according to news reports on Wednesday.

The company has reportedly informed its executives and employees about the detailed plan for annual incentives, dubbed the overall performance incentive, on the day.

The tech giant rewards its executives and employees every year up to 50 percent of their annual salaries within the range of 20 percent of the firm’s excess profits and the OPIs for last year are scheduled to be given to the staffers on Friday this week.

The employees of Samsung’s memory chip and System LSI, or logic chip, business units, belonging to the device solutions (DS) division, will receive 50 percent of their salaries as both divisions posted robust sales last year.

Contrary to expectations of the market, the employees of the mobile business, which is under the information technology and mobile communications (IM) division, will also take home 50 percent of their annual salaries.

Those at the network business division of the same IM division, however, will be paid 24 percent of their annual salary, down from 26 percent last year.

The video display division under the consumer electronics (CE) business division will see the OPI rate drop to 21 percent from 31 percent last year.

The figure for the medical equipment unit will also decrease to 2 percent from 12 percent last year while the rate for printing solutions unit will stay flat at 3 percent.

Both medical equipment and printing solutions units are under the wing of the CE division.


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