Samsung raises profile in UHD broadcasting in Europe

Samsung raises profile in UHD broadcasting in Europe

Samsung Electronics is raising its profile in Europe’s ultra-high-definition (UHD) broadcasting industry with its expertise in imaging and photographic technology.

This comes as Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB), a consortium of a group of industry-leading TV and technology firms, recently picked the high dynamic range (HDR) 10 broadcasting technology as the next UHD standard there. HDR technology can display colors in deeper and lighter levels, creating more vivid images.

HDR 10 is an open broadcasting technology backed by a Samsung-led international consortium for standards of UHD content, the UHD Alliance. A group of industry-leading streaming and entertainment firms _ such as Netflix and Amazon _ is adopting HDR 10, as the technology enables more delicate visual expressions.

“The open platform HDR ecosystem, led by Samsung Electronics, will develop further when more firms join and raise its global profile,” a Samsung Electronics spokesman said. “We are going to lead the next HDR technology by teaming up with more broadcasting firms at home and abroad.”

DVB also named hybrid log gamma (HLG), another HDR technology co-developed by NHK and the BBC, for the next UHD standard in Europe. Samsung Electronics has also formed a technological partnership with the BBC to upgrade functions of HLG since 2014.

UHD broadcasting will start in Europe next year, and specific standards for each country will be determined then in countries including Italy, France, Spain and Germany.


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