Samsung SDI batteries get spotlight at U.S. auto show

Samsung SDI batteries get spotlight at U.S. auto show

Samsung SDI showcased battery cells that enable electric cars to travel up to 600 kilometers on a full charge at the North American International Auto Show, the biggest auto show in the U.S. which kicked off in Detroit on Monday (local time).

Battery technology has recently come into the limelight in the car industry as it plays a core role in electric cars which are widely considered a substitute to gas-powered counterparts.

Some of the Seoul-headquartered firm’s products to be displayed at this year’s U.S. auto show include, an ultraslim battery pack that would give automakers flexibility in designing cars, and a low voltage system solution that helps improve energy efficiency of both gas-fueled and electric vehicles.

The battery cells, still in prototype stage, boast a 20- to 30-percent higher energy density than battery cells that can power an electric vehicle for 500 kilometers ― currently the industry’s most powerful performance.

Samsung SDI said it would be able to mass-produce the battery cells by 2020.

The ultraslim battery pack, or the low height pack as the company calls it, is 20- to 30-percent smaller in size, but outruns the performance of the existing battery packs.

The LVS solution, which improves energy efficiency up to 20 percent, is anticipated to receive attention from the auto show participants as it helps car manufacturers in Europe and the U.S. to meet the stricter antipollution regulations, according to the company.

“Samsung SDI will try to lead the market by rolling out unique battery solutions and products designed to meet the diverse needs of customers,” Samsung SDI CEO Cho Nam-seong said in a statement.

The number of cars powered by electricity ― including electric, plug-in hybrid, and hybrid vehicles ― is expected to reach 6 million by 2020, according to a report by Japanese research firm B3.

The battery business unit of Samsung Group is currently supplying lithium-ion batteries to global car brands, including BMW’s X5, and Audi’s Q7.


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