Samsung SDI highlights ‘battery of things’ at CES

Samsung SDI highlights ‘battery of things’ at CES

Advanced battery technology is prerequisite to the growth of the sector for connected things, or Internet of Things, said an executive of Samsung SDI, the battery business unit of Samsung Group, at the International CES trade show last week.

Every information technology device being connected in the looming IoT era needs advanced battery technology, and global battery-makers are currently vying to develop more powerful batteries with a longer lifespan.

“The age of the IoT will also be the age of batteries of things underpinned by flexibility, the ease of charging and the eco-friendliness of Samsung SDI batteries,” said Fabrice Hudry, vice president of Samsung SDI, who took the stage together with Hong Won-pyo, the president of IT solutions developer Samsung SDS, for a keynote speech at the International CES trade show on Thursday.

With various types of batteries — thinner and lighter — being developed, there will be more leeway for device-makers to roll out diverse wearables, such as fashion items equipped with flexible batteries, he explained.

Hudry added that the time to fully charge batteries will be significantly shorter down the road and electric vehicles and energy storage systems, all of which are based on batteries, will contribute to efforts to reduce environmental pollution.

The Seoul-based battery-maker is expanding its businesses in the global market, supplying its lithium-ion battery backs to automakers including BMW and batteries for energy storage system to companies such as Duke Energy, the U.S. largest electric power firm.


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