SBT-950 (Korean Patent)

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Model : SBT-950 (Korean Patent) Size : 380x480x620(H)mm Weight : 25KG Power of Electricity : 220V /60Hz 950 W Discharging capacity of Motor : 300L/min , 18Ton/hour Application : Shrimp Farming & Fish Farming Location for Installation : In the water This Micro bubble supplying device can increase dissolved oxygen of water and enables water to be mixed with proper sized micro bubble. This micro bubble supplying device has three main capability such as dissolving oxygen, bubble generator, & water circulation. Therefore, it is not necessary to install such three kinds of equipments such as Oxygen dissolving equipment, bubble generator, and circulating pump for shrimp farming. Bubble generator can save the cost because its type is simple as well as it use much less electricity than other equipment like Paddle wheel aerators in Shrimp farm. We are looking for not only a Buyer but also a business Agency or a Business partner who wants to have exclusive rights to sell in your country. – See more at:

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