SK Broadband unveils new mobile media platform

SK Broadband unveils new mobile media platform

In response to the launch of video-streaming service Netflix in the Korean market earlier this month, SK Broadband, an Internet and pay TV services provider, has introduced a new mobile media platform. Called Oksusu, which is the Korean word for corn, it combines the firm’s on-demand mobile TV service Btv and video-streaming service Hoppin.

The wholly owned subsidiary of SK Telecom said it would focus on making a wide range of video content available on the new platform.

Oksusu will feature the nation’s largest archive of sports video content with 18 real-time channels and 15 video-on-demand categories.

Around 33 sporting events, including the Korean Baseball League, the Major League Baseball, the English Premiere League, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, will be streamed on the platform, according to the firm.

SKB will also roll out multichannel network services in partnership with content creators such as DIA TV and Treasure Hunter.

TV shows produced by global broadcasters CBS and BBC as well as virtual reality videos, called 360VR, will be offered on the platform as well.

Oksusu will provide what the firm calls limitless “video kernels,” to customers, and this will also be available for subscribers of other mobile carriers — KT and LG Uplus.

Youn Seog-am, the head of SKB’s media business unit, said: “The company will continue to invest in network infrastructure for media content and services including entertainment shows, dramas, 360VR, multichannel networks, and animations. We will make contributions to the growth of the domestic content industry.”

The launch of the new online media platform comes after SK Telecom’s twofold acquisition and merger plan with SK Broadband and CJ Hellovision last year triggered a backlash from competitors.

SKT said it would acquire the CJ Group affiliate and merge it with its own subsidiary, which would propel SKB into second place in terms of market share in the pay TV sector, behind KT, which runs cable TV service olleh and satellite TV service Skylife.


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