SK Group to focus on new energy business at World Economic Forum

SK Group to focus on new energy business at World Economic Forum

SK Group chairman Chey Tae-won and high-level group officials including the CEOs of SK’s core affiliates are scheduled to attend this year’s World Economic Forum.

SK Group chairman Chey Tae-won (SK Group)

The forum, scheduled to draw some 2,500 politicians, business leaders, activists and officials from around the world, is set to begin Wednesday in Davos, Switzerland and continue until Saturday.

Eyeing forthcoming changes in the global business landscape following the Paris Climate Conference last month, SK’s top leadership plans to focus on diverse sessions related to new energy development during the four-day forum, according to the group.

“By addressing concerns related to climate change early on, SK can actively partake in the government-led initiative toward new energy development and simultaneously take the lead in developing future growth engines,” SK Group said in a statement.

“SK will take advantage of this forum to upgrade its potential in the eco-friendly, renewable energy segment,” it said.

SK’s leadership is also looking to meet and strengthen their ties with global leaders in the group’s major businesses — including energy, chemicals, information and communications technology and semiconductors — as well as eye new trends and advances in each segment.

SK Group will also host the annual Korea Night event, a gathering cohosted by SK and the Federation of Korean Industries during the WEF since 2009, to promote Korean culture and its economic value.

The event will be attended by some 600 officials from around the world and take place at the Morosani Schweizerhof Hotel in central Davos on Thursday evening.


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