SKT and Daewoo Shipbuilding agree to develop 'smart ship'

Korea’s top mobile carrier, SK Telecom (SKT) and Daewoo shipbuilding & Marine
Engineering (DSME), the world’s second-largest shipbuilder have teamed up to deveop
ICT – based “smart ships”.

It signed a memorandum of understanding with DSME to cooperate in a research and
development venture to build the high-tech, next-generation ships SKT said.

While all the on-board services will be converged onto a single network, the vessel will
be equipped with a global telecommunication network based on monitoring and
navigation system.

Lee Myung-geun, head of SKT’s corporate business division said “By sharing our ICT
technology and successfully developing a smart ship, we want to upgrade DSME’s
competiveness as well as the Korean shipbuilding industry”
While DSME will share the needs of ship owners and smart ship-related research
achievements.Under the alliance, SKT will provide Optimized blueprints, R & D
resources and ICT guidelines.


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