South Korea home to cutting-edge medical advancements


South Korea is a country well-known for its excellent beauty enhancement services. It might even be on top of mind whenever people think about cosmetic surgery.

But the 66-year-old republic, known as the “Land of the Morning Calm” and home to 51 million of the earth’s population, is also home to cutting-edge medical advancements that are proven to be top-tiers in the field.

This was communicated by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), an organization under South Korea’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, when it hosted the “K-Beauty and Fun Night” on Feb. 16 at Fairmont Makati.

More than cosmetic surgery

Apart from its state of the art cosmetic services, South Korea is also reliable when it comes to:

Health screening. South Korea takes pride in its “accurate, efficient, and rationale” health examinations made possible by modern CT, MRI, and PET equipment; and skilled medical personnel that operate it.

Though screenings (basic screening, intensive screening, premiere screening, and specialized screening) usually include more than 60 examinations, everything can still be done in a one- or two-day program because the integration and implementation of the entire process are systematic in South Korea.

Health screening is considered crucial in a patient’s survival since an accurate diagnosis of the person’s condition will make the curing process easier for attending physicians.

Korean traditional medicine. South Korea’s traditional therapies work for patients who are not keen on the idea of undergoing a surgery. Though these do not work as a replacement for medical procedures, the sciences have acknowledged the benefits these therapies offer.

South Korea’s chiropractic, acupuncture, and herbal medicine are all about harmonizing the body’s energy flow to prevent and cure illnesses.

Dentistry. Implant surgery, teeth correction, and even aesthetic teeth adjustment are performed fast and easy in South Korea. Note that in this context, easy equates to painless because South Korea utilizes computer-based anesthetics and full narcosis implants during a procedure. This is why dentists are able to keep the pain at a minimum for patients.

Wellness and spa. Apart from joint therapy, South Korea also has sport, meditation, massage, and spa therapies to offer. But these forms of relaxation are more for “balancing the health” than curing a certain medical condition. For individuals who need guidance, professional trainers who are expert in Eastern and Western wellness and spa programs are easy to locate in South Korea.

Ophthalmology and otolaryngology. The strength of South Korea’s excellent ophthalmology and otolaryngology stems from accurate preliminary examinations that are conducted before performing a medical procedure on a patient. Ophthalmologists and otolaryngologists ensure the patient’s safety before anything else.

Ophthalmology and otolaryngology clinics in South Korea offer:

Intralasik, DaVinci Bladeless Lasik, Amaris Lasik / M-Lasek, PRP-Lasek, and Clean Lasek for Lasik, Lasek

Intra ASA, insertion of Restor Lens, CK presbyopia adjustment for cataract and presbyopia

Percutaneous voice chord implants and cosmetic surgery on the Adam’s apple for vocal chord paralysis

Multiplex larynx Botox implants for spasmodic dysphonia disorder

High-tech surgery. Robot surgery is highly practiced in South Korea, reason why the country has high patient survival (during surgical procedures) and cancer healing rate. By conducting continuous research and studies on robot surgery, South Korean surgeons are able to perfect their skills in performing one of the world’s most advanced surgical procedures.

South Korea also has surgeons that are expert on oncology, radiation treatment, and chemotherapy.
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