South Korea, Japan, China agree to work together on water policy

China, South Korea and Japan on Monday agreed to strengthen trilateral cooperation on water policy innovation during the 7th World Water Forum held in South Korea’s southeastern cities of Daegu and Gyeongju.


The three countries held a trilateral ministerial meeting during the forum on Monday, bringing together China’s Vice Minister of Water Resources Jiao Yong, South Korea’s Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Yoo Il-ho and Japan’s Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ohta Akihiro.

The three sides signed a joint statement to strengthen trilateral cooperation on water-related issues under the topic “Water Policy Innovation in Response to Persistent and Emerging Water Challenges.”

“We share the recognition that water policy innovation and reform should be promoted by each country in order to strengthen the core role of water resource in sustainable development, improve synergy among relevant government agencies and relevant stakeholders, enhance the resilience of water infrastructure and attract more financial investment into the water sector,” the statement said.

They also decided to share the knowledge and experience learned in above water policy innovation initiatives for improved water security in three countries.

In addition, they welcome trilateral cooperation to share and spread achievements and success to other countries, in particular, developing nations, according to the statement.

The World Water Forum, which is held every three years by the World Water Council, is the world’s largest water-related forum that bring together around 3,5000 world leaders, businesspeople and experts.



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