South Korea to introduce electric ships

South Korea will roll out its first electric ships this year in a move to slash energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions of small fishing farms, according to Yonhap news.

electronic ships

The government will fund 1.2 billion won (US$1.13 million) to introduce up to 40 vessels, each costing about 50 million won (US$47,328), according to the report.

Each vessel only costs one-tenth as much to operate compared with fuel-powered ships, noted the report.

The tradeoff is in its speed, where the ship is limited to about 5 knots per hour, much slower than fuel-powered ones. It will also be restricted in operating range, which means they will be mainly only suitable for nearby seas or inland waters.

The move is the latest energy saving push by the government, which last June implemented a set of rules for temperature management in buildings . Amongst the temporary moves, buildings must keep indoor temperatures above 26 degrees Celsius and stores are banned from leaving their doors open. This followed the forced shutdown of two nuclear reactors.


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