South Korean grapes land in China

South Korean grapes land in China

Direct Imported Goods (DIG) supermarkets have stocked South Korean table grapes on their shelves across China for the first time.

After gaining access to China in August, the first shipment of three containers of of Haneul Green-branded Campbell Early and Kyoho grapes grown in Cheonan cleared customs in Shanghai on 29 September.

Kevin Zhao of northern China-based importer Yidu told Fruitnet that Yidu imported one of three of the first containers directly into DIG stores instead of into wholesale markets in order to allow Chinese consumers to enjoy fresher, and cheaper, Korean grapes to make for a better first impression.

“In Dalian, where Yidu is headquartered, we have this variety in the market as well, and it is very popular,” Zhao said. “We imported these grapes from South Korea because we’re familiar with its characteristics.”

Zhao said the sugar content of the Korean grapes was higher than Chinese-grown grapes due to more advanced production technology in South Korea, with the second shipment, due to arrive on 8 October, expected to be even sweeter.


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