South Korean students experience American lifestyle, college

Attending a college basketball game, eating steak and enjoying the weather have all been highlights of a month-long visit to Nebraska for five young women from South Korea.

The young women are part of a nine-member contingent from Osan University in South Korea who are spending some time in Nebraska as part of an exchange program with Central Community College.

Four women are experiencing American nursing at CCC-Columbus while the other five are in Hastings learning about American dental hygiene practices.

“The goal is to give them experience with the dental hygiene culture here in terms of how Americans work in dental care and dental offices as well as a chance to practice the English language,” said Marcie Kemnitz, the dean of health services at the Hastings campus.

When the women, who are in their early 20s, arrived on campus, Kemnitz said they were very hesitant to speak. However, their English has gotten much better and they are much more willing to have a conversation now.

Since arriving in Hastings on Jan. 19, the women have visited the Pediatric Dental Specialists office in Hastings and two family dental clinics as well as visiting schools when the CCC students did the dental screening events.

They have also had the opportunity to assist with the CCC dental clinic in the afternoons.
Da Som Yang, who chose the American name, Susie, said she was surprised that in America patients are allowed to hold the suction device to clean out their mouths during a cleaning.

That is not the custom in South Korea.

So Hyun Kim, who goes by the name Sunny, said she was impressed with the excellent sterilization of equipment here compared to in South Korea.

The pace is much slower here with their work and professors are much more relaxed, according to Yu Jin Seong, nicknamed Jenny.

“We practice instrument wrong, professor angry, kick the chair,” she said of a few professors in South Korea.



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