South Korea's GDP in Q3 rises to 0.9 %

South Korea's GDP in Q3 rises  to 0.9 %

South Korea’s gross domestic product increased to 0.9 % in the third quarter of 2014. Private consumption expanded 1.1 percent on the expenditure side as expenditures on both semi-durable goods and services have increased.

With the increase in both building construction and civil engineering, construction investment gained 2.9 percent. Due to a decrease in transport equipment investment,  facilities investment fell by 0.8 percent. Centering on software investment, intellectual property product investment added 0.6 percent.

With decrease in exports of LCDs and chemical products exports contracted to 2.6 percent. Owing to declines in the imports of natural gas, machinery and transport services imports also eased to 0.7 percent.


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