The Korea Waste Association.

The Korea Waste Association.

The Korea Waste Association will endeavor with  utmost efforts to encourage the waste industry, the new development engine leading the green growth in Korea, low-carbon, into a green resource recirculation industry.

The waste industry in Korea is quickly developing year after year. As per the Report on the Environment Industry Survey, the waste market worth 5.3 trillion KRW in 2004  developed at a pace of 16 percent for every annum to 9.6 million KRW in 2008, showing that the possibilities of the industry is promising.

To further create the waste industry, the Association promotes and helps resource recirculation policies of the government, gives an extensive range of data related to education of wastes, and does technical consulting services and administers effectively to attract investment.

Added to this, the Association makes policy suggestions to the government focused on the opinions that it collects from the local governments and also other associations, companies and organizations.

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