The two Koreas in numbers

The two Koreas in numbers

As of last year, the population of North Korea reached 24.6 million, less than half of the South’s 50.4 million, according to data released by the Statistics Korea Tuesday. The disparity widened in terms of nominal gross national income, with the North recording 34.236 trillion won ($28 billion), compared to the South’s 1,496.6 trillion won.

Per-capital GNI was 29.68 million won in the South, 21 times larger than the North’s 1.39 million. Economic growth was 1.0 percent in the North and 3.3 percent in the South.

There were also wide gaps in terms of trade volume, rice production and plant capacity.

The statistics also included the number of people subscribed to mobile phone services based on figures from the International Telecommunication Union. A total of 2.8 million North Koreans were using mobile phones as of 2014.

Statistics Korea has been compiling and publishing data on North Korea since 1995.



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