Tools for the Garden and how you can Care for them!

Lately having a home garden is again becoming common and not something seen as an older persons past time. The growing trend of people wanting to know where their own food has come from and the expanding demand for organic produce has all been a contributing factor.

Regardless of the reason why, a person gardens, be it vegetable, flower or even lawn care there is one key thing that every gardener can never do without €” the right tools for the job. Tools for gardens are what make a gardener, that and an interest in the past time of course. Some tools for gardening that every gardener ought to have include;

A Spade

Having a Spade is very important mainly because it is needed to cultivate the soil, remove unwanted soil and helps with planting thing out. Spades are just about utilised every time we garden which is why it is vital for a gardener to buy a top quality Spade brands. Hopefully this could last an extended time.

These garden tools should be cleaned, sharpened when required, oiled and maintained appropriately. Placing a wet and dirty spade back in to the Garden Shed after use will only result in it rusting. Look after your spade and your spade will give you many years of faithful service.

Garden hose or Sprinklers

Water is one of the essential elements that plants need to survive and also grow properly; which is why a garden hose is vital in every garden. Just visualize having to carry a bucket of water up and down from your tap to your flower garden for maybe 6 or more times in order to water your plants. I am sure you get the idea!

A garden hose can easily save you a job (Saving you time and effort) and can also be useful for washing your car or even your house windows. When purchasing a garden hose though, make sure you check for quality, length and price to make sure you are getting the best value for money. You can also decide to purchase manual or automatic sprinklers which will make your work much easier.

Investing in a cheap garden hose is often a false economy as you will find that they have a tendency to kink more, stopping water passing through and as a result often spring more holes. The thicker a garden hose is the better. Spending an extra 10 – 15 on a good quality hose will generally save you cash in the longer term.


The humble Trowel is the most important tool when planting and is used to dig holes when seedlings are planted out. They’re then used to cover the holes around the seedlings or plants. Trowels can also be used to dig out weeds from the garden.

It’s always advisable to own trowels made of steel and handles made of wood as these will last you for a long time. Keep them clean after use and keep them dry and well-oiled when not in use to stop rust. Spraying with WD40 will also protect them

A Garden Rake

Rakes are an key part of gardening and loved by gardeners because they save a large amount of time. They help the gardener rake out all unwanted weeds from the vegetable or plant bed, remove cut grass and moss from your lawn and help to clear unwanted leaves in the autumn. Keeping them dry and clean with a touch of WD40 sprayed on them will keep them functional for many years to come.

Pruning Shears

With pruning shears there are a variety of brands on the market. Make an effort to buy quality as the cheap ones are usually brittle and break at the first contact with your roses or small bushes. Keep them sharp, clean and well-oiled and they will last an extended time.

Blunt shears can harm you plants and bushes as they don’t give an even cut. Keeping them clean will also limit the risk of spreading various diseases between you plants.

Other garden tools you can consider using includes the hoe, garden fork, work gloves, electric mowers, tiller blades, etc.

Looking after your tools

Now, you will find a variety of issues that come with garden tools such as the proper maintenance that every gardener should be very aware of. Most gardeners find maintaining their garden tools boring but it is a necessary evil if you want those tools to last.

Always keep them clean when not is use and store them in a cool dry place such as your Garden Shed. Keeping them well-oiled or coated with WD40 will also help preserve them from rust.

Making sure Spades, hoes and shears are sharpened regularly is important. Spray metal surfaces of tools and always make sure power tools are tested from time to time to make sure they are not lacking in overall performance or in a dangerous condition such as missing safety guards etc.

Every time you realise a fault with any power tool or any garden tool, make certain you seek the advice of an expert if you know you can’t fix it. A broken tool is one you cannot use. Avoid this by looking after your helpful friend.
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