Toyota Auto Parts: How to Find Them Online


Few would argue that a vehicle manufacturer’s auto parts are generally the best choice when you’re repairing an automobile. Whether you’re repairing a newer model Avalon or restoring a vintage Tercel, most experts recommend that you use Toyota auto parts rather than third party aftermarket parts. It’s not always easy to find genuine Toyota parts, though, especially if you live in a small town or rural area far from the nearest Toyota dealer. Ten years ago, your only option would have been to start calling around until you found a dealer who could be the middleman for the necessary part.

Thanks to the Internet, it’s easy to find car parts. You can search for exactly the OEM Toyota parts you need online. Websites like Toyota Parts Zone sell components to individuals, businesses and dealers all over the country. Plus, they make your search for the right auto parts incredibly easy. If you’ve never searched for repair parts for your vehicle online, you’ll be surprised how easy they are to find.
Absolutely the easiest way to find the part you need for your Toyota repair is to search for it by part number. If you have an updated repair manual, you may know the part number and can search by number. Most people, however, will be looking for the right part with only basic information.

Gather Your Information

Before you head over to a website like the Toyota Parts Zone, pull out your vehicle’s owners’ manual and your registration. While many parts are identical from year to year, some have distinct differences, even among the same make in the same year. Generally, you’ll find all the information you need to locate the correct part for your vehicle in your owners’ manual and on your registration slip.
Special Note: On some Toyota auto parts websites, you can search for parts for your vehicle by simply entering your VIN. That makes your search even easier – if you can’t find the VIN on your registration, there are several places you can find it stamped on your vehicle. The easiest of these places to find is on the drivers’ side of the dashboard. Just stand outside the car on the drivers’ side and look down to where the windshield meets the dashboard. If it’s not there or if you can’t read it, open the driver side door and check on the door post.
Enter Your Information

If a website offers a search-by-VIN feature, chances are that it will be prominently displayed on the front page of the site. Just enter your VIN in the search box, click search and you’ll get a page with a listing of all the available parts for your specific vehicle.

If the site doesn’t have a search-by-VIN, you’ll have to check off choices in an easy to follow interface. Start by clicking on your car model, then selecting the correct filters: year, model, trim, number of doors and other information that will help narrow the choices down to the right year, model and other details.
While it sounds complicated, the whole process only takes a matter of a few minutes. Once you’ve narrowed down the correct make and model of your vehicle, you’ll have a list of the proper Toyota auto parts to fit your car.

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