Types of Aftermarket Auto Parts and Advantages

People are always on the look-out for items that suit their tastes and requirements. Towards this end they prefer to use customized objects. The automobile is a great example and by adding certain aftermarket auto parts, they are able to replace existing parts or add-on to customize their vehicle. The reasons for this are twofold. They may wish to alter the look of the car or change the sound of the vehicle. These aftermarket auto parts include steering wheels, turbochargers, different knobs for gear selectors, gauges that can be added for monitoring the performance of the different aspects of the vehicles. Several types of kits are also available for changing the shape of the body of the vehicle and customizing it to your requirement.

Auto Parts for Racing Cars

The motor sport industry finds many uses popularly for these aftermarket auto parts. Racing car enthusiasts find these types of parts alluring because they cannot be used legally on public roads and also because the performance of the vehicle is vastly improved. Their performance is at a peak when they are on the racetracks when they use these additional aftermarket parts. Vehicles that do not use these racing parts are generally bracketed as stock car racing which forms a sub genre of racing that is different from cars that use aftermarket parts. This is the reason why aftermarket racing parts are coveted and advantageous for race-goers. People look for these street legal aftermarket parts and purchase them when they wish to boost the performance of their cars.

Street use performance parts

The aftermarket auto parts that are legally used on the streets are classified as replacement auto parts or performance auto parts. While the performance of the cars is considered street legal, these performance parts increase the performance of the vehicles. It is possible to use street legal cars that use these aftermarket parts for racing. The turbocharger is one of these types of aftermarket parts used for performance on the common streets legally. The compressor is powered by the exhaust gases to compress air and send it to the engine. This increases the power of the engine as more air enters the per piston stroke of the engine. The high performance muffler is different from the stock muffler which slows down the exhaust gases that exit from the engine. The performance of the car is lowered when the engine power lowers. By using the high performance muffler, unwanted back pressure is reduced. The sound of the engine is also muffled to a level that does not pose a problem on the public roads. People use these mufflers to advantage as they are accepted on all roadways.

Non-OEM parts are used to replace auto parts that break down or start to malfunction. These replacement parts could be headlights or power windows that have stopped functioning as required. You can purchase these non-OEM parts at affordable rates as aftermarket replacement parts. This has given rise to controversies as insurance companies purchase these cheap replacements which prove to be ineffective for car owners.

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