Vieworks launches advanced scan camera

Vieworks launches advanced scan camera

Vieworks, a manufacturer of advanced digital medical imaging devices and industrial scan cameras, has launched its latest digital camera system that scans assembly lines used for production of semiconductors, LCDs and other electronics materials.

The KOSDAQ-listed company, founded in 1999 and headquartered in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, said Thursday that it will market the Vieworks Time Delay and Integration (VTDI) Line Scan Camera to Samsung, LG and other electronics firms at home and abroad.

“Since 2008 when we first developed an industrial imaging system, we have accumulated extensive knowhow and expertise in the design, development and manufacture of high-sensitivity, high-speed and high-resolution industrial cameras that scan various assembly lines for possible defects,” said Kim at a product launch event Thursday.

“The VTDI will be well-received by electronics companies across the globe. We will double our efforts to become a global leader in the area.”

Vieworks estimated the global industrial camera industry to have reached about 1 trillion won ($830 million), saying that the Canada-based Teledyne Dalsa has been dominating the sector.

“It is unfortunate that Samsung, LG and other domestic companies have to buy industrial digital cameras from a foreign supplier at high prices,” the CEO said. “They now have an alternative, which works better for less. We will try to expand our presence in Japan, China and Taiwan, which account for 90 percent of the market along with Korea.”

In 2011, Vieworks received R&D grants from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy for its project to develop advanced digital imaging processing sensors, which are the key to producing high-resolution and high-speed cameras.

The company earned 93.2 billion won in sales in 2015 and expects its 2016 revenue to exceed 100 billion won. It operates four sales and marketing offices in the United States, Europe, China and Taiwan.

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