Why Is Silk the Fabric of Choice for Home Furnishings?


Silk, the undisputed fabric queen is a great choice you’re looking to soft-furnish your pad. There are different options right from Thai silk, Indian to Dupioni that’s the raw version of processed fabric, as well as taffeta, brocade and so on.
If the high price is discouraging than you can try out the €faux silk’ fabrics made mostly of polyester that imitates the sheen and flow of this costly fabrics in different patterns and hues.
Home d©cor items can be picked from retail stores specializing in furnishings. One can buy form online stores as well. Whether you’re sitting in Texas or London or for that matter anywhere across the globe, you can order online and have beautiful silk stuff shipped to your home.
Silk Dupioni: The First Choice for Furnishings

Topmost choice of silk to make soft furnishings for homes is Dupioni. It has entered the hospitality d©cor market in a big way. You will find beautiful furnishings tailor-made for hotels and getaways for adding that extra bit of glamour to the settings of a room or suite.
Dupioni silk is raw, and formed when two worms cocoon up within single cocoon and form a natural interlocking pattern that brings up one yarn slightly on higher surface to the other. The most expensive furnishings are made of Italian Dupioni followed by Indian and then Chinese variant. There are also Malaysian and other variants of this mulberry silk.

Home Furnishings: Variety

In terms of variety there’s no limitation. Find stores stocked with different silk drapery, drapery linings, castings and custom furnishings like cushions, curtains, bed-covers, table-runners and linen. In silk as well you get varied choices. It’s important to remember the difference so you know what to expect from a furnishing in terms of maintenance. If you’re gunning to make your own furnishing fabric suppliers can be contacted. It’s possible to order imported and pure or special-finish Dupioni, taffeta and other silk fabrics. These can be ordered in different shades, designs, surface texture and relevance of use through online wholesale supply chain.

Home Furnishings: Decorating Ideas

While silk does give a certain glamorous touch-up to any home space, your choice should match the d©cor concept. If not so then the picked silk furnishings could look out-of-place. Use it as the raw material when having duvet covers and curtains made but make sure these blend equally well into the other non-silk furnishings and your upholstery.

A brightly hued glaringly shiny and rich set of silk cushions could look weird when combined with a drab set of curtains or tablecloths. So when you’re doing it the €silk’ way remember to have a long-term classic appeal in place that takes in all other elements well.

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