Your Choices for Paper Cleaning Products

Hygiene is of prime importance when one considers overall human health. Not only should people be taking in healthy food and exercising regularly, but they should also maintain personal hygiene as well as cleanliness in the home.
Maintaining good cleaning habits will help ensure that the family members are protected from harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses that can be breed in unhygienic environments. There are many hygiene products and Cleaning Equipment Brisbane to support the family’s need for a healthy lifestyle
Paper cleaning products are among the useful hygiene products that can help people maintain a dirt-free and germ-free environment. There are several paper cleaning products available on the market. The more common types are hand towels, tissue paper, wipers and toilet paper.


Hand Towels

Hand towels are great to have in the toilet for wiping hands dry. There are different types to suit various areas and locations. Some types are good for high-use areas and there are premium-quality types suitable for superior softness, strength and absorbency. A dispenser of single sheets will help lessen wastage and overuse of the hand towels.


Wipers are ideal for cleaning up mess and spills in the kitchen area. Typically available as 2-ply or single-use paper products, wipers should ideally offer superior strength and absorbency. There are 4-ply variants of this product for added strength. Dispensers will help minimise wasteful use of kitchen towels or wipers.

Tissue Paper

Facial tissue paper products are made soft for cleaning or gentle wiping of the face. Good facial tissues have the needed strength and absorbency. You can select products in attractive packaging with finger tabs for easy opening and dispensing.

Toilet Paper

Choose toilet paper with extra softness and strength. Aside from 2-ply and 3-ply types, consumers can now opt for environmentally friendly toilet paper products, made from sugarcane by-products. Recent controversies with the wasteful and ecologically degrading use or overuse of toilet paper products have prompted producers to come up with alternative base materials for the ever-essential toilet paper.

Paper cleaning products can help a great deal in maintaining hygienic living in the home and office. For businesses, additional benefits can be reaped if bulk or wholesale purchases are done.

Because usage is expectedly higher in offices and business establishments, it is more practical and more cost effective if the paper products are bought in bulk. This will also help ensure that there is always an ample supply. To learn more about the different paper cleaning products click here.


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